Saturday, 19 July 2014

New waters – and our 20th trip aboard Chuffed!

On the move again, hurray!  and once more it’s all new to us.  We had a reasonable drive up to Packet Boat, considering the dire forecast, with only a couple of wet spells.  We unloaded the car, in torrid heat and humidity, and Dave walked Meg in the lovely grassy/woody area and settled up our fees.  As the forecast was so bad – Heathrow airlines were asked to reduce their flights between 4 and 6pm – we thought we’d get cracking before the storms started!

It’s lovely to be back on what we think of as ‘proper’ canals.  Until we get to Norton Junction, it’s all new waters for us once more.

New waters and proper canals!  Cowley Peachey.1 new waters and proper canals

There were very few boats on the move, though a great deal were moored up, both permanent and temporary.  Cowley lock was against us, with a trip boat coming down, so Meg had a nice play in the park while we waited.  We celebrated the start of our 20th trip aboard Chuffed with ice creams from the little cafe above the lock, and with the moored boats thinning out at last, continued through Uxbridge and Denham Deep locks out into the country.  We passed under the A40(M), which was very busy and noisy, on under the railway bridge, and moored in the country park between Denham and Harefield.  And yes, Armco!  and we can use the mooring hooks!

2 railway bridge harefield

Still no rain, and a lovely, though very humid, evening.  Apart from the distant A40 and occasional trains, which don’t bother us at all, it’s a lovely quiet spot, with occasional passers-by on the towpath or the track in the country park opposite.

3 mooring at harefield

If we come back down to the southern Grand Union and London, we will definitely consider using the Packet Boat again – it’s a great little marina, convenient and with lovely staff.

3 locks, 4 and a half miles

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