Wednesday 16 October 2019

Beating the rain - just

Monday 13th October; home again
We were up early as there were outside jobs to be done before the rain arrived.  It was very cold at 7.30 so we were glad of the Mikuni.  Dave was soon outside, prepping a dent on the rubbing strake for filling (I think I might have been involved in that …).

Then he cleaned up all the tatty bits between gunwale and rubbing strake and rubbed the whole lot down for painting.  Hmm, black dust all over my washed boat!  A wipe over with a damp dog towel soon sorted that out.  As he got busy with the masking tape, I started polishing the starboard side.  The Carnauba wax had turned up, I can’t think how I missed it yesterday.  Check out that shine!

As I was finishing I could see dark clouds approaching, so I took Meg along the edge of the sports field to play ball for 10 minutes.  As long as you pick up any poo, no-one seems to mind and it’s popular with the moorers.
More please!
A tight turn

A couple of boats were being returned to the water this morning. As a farmer, Nick has years of experience reversing tractors and trailers, so reversing down the slipway was a doddle.
Straight as a die
In she goes
Dave was packing up as we got back, and spits and spots of rain were beginning to fall.  Within a few minutes it was raining, though not hard and blowing from the side Dave hadn’t been working on.  Lucky!

We had lunch and finished the cleaning that hadn’t been done last trip when the cordless Dyson ran out of power.  We packed up the car in the rain, which we haven’t had to do for as long as we can remember.  Unpleasant, as was the drive home down the foggy wet motorway. 

The starboard side of the boat still needs washing and waxing, so we will be back again before the weather gets too cold to do this and winterise.

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