Thursday 2 September 2021

Looking forward!

Hello again!

I'm doing a quick update today because I’m fed up with seeing the previous post title - 'Sad days' - every time I check for new posts from the blogs I follow.

Chuffed has been with her new owners for quite some time now.  We had their offer within 3 hours of  the broker putting her online, then had to wait a couple of weeks for the survey to take place - the market has been so hot that surveyors, not to mention the hard standing at brokerages, are very busy.  Then we had to consider which of the points raised on the survey were ours to deal with – a couple of things were needed for the BSS, which was fair enough and due anyway, so they had to be done -  and finally another week for the broker to sort out the payments, but it’s been all done and dusted for weeks.


Llangollen basin, August 2012


We miss her terribly, and sometimes wonder whether we should have shelled out to install solar panels, get a repaint, a new fridge, a pram cover – but on balance we think a new (to us) boat would be the answer.  It’s a shame we are missing a lovely summer’s boating (hire companies are booked out and have you seen their prices??).  But we are well aware we are lucky to even have the option.


Dave and Tess (Boat Dog 1) near Wood Lock, Grand Union 2013.

We went to see a boat in Leicestershire last week, which looked rather good on Apollo Duck and in the extra photos they sent us.  Only 5 years old, it had bow thrusters, a washing machine, really good storage too.  But there were just too many things not quite right about it.   There was rust and/or badly peeling paint in a few places outside, the engine hole needed a good clean, the fridge and oven were tiny, we would have needed to have a proper dinette built – things that are not insurmountable on their own, and could be lived with for a while, but the owner was a smoker so the effort and potential cost involved in cleaning or replacing soft furnishings, and getting rid of the smell from the heating system and woodwork, tipped the balance. 


                                        Cleaning the brasses at All Oaks Wood, 2019

One of these days I will get around to posting Chuffed's complete stats, and maybe by then something will have some along ….


This is what we are after – semi-trad, 57-59’ (ish), reverse layout, off-corridor bathroom, bow thrusters, preferably less than 10 years old.  Solar panels a bonus. Hybrid, probably beyond our budget but you never know.  Just what everyone else seems to be wanting!


                                                            Lechlade Meadows, 2016