Tuesday, 4 July 2017

To Worcester

Tuesday 4th July; Hanbury Junction to Worcester.

Rather different from yesterday’s heat; we woke up to mild drizzle.   It came and went for a while and we left at about 8.30 in a dry spell.  We trickled past the moored boats beyond the  bridge and on into open countryside.  We went through pretty Oddingley, failing to notice whether the signal box was still there – last time we came this way it was subject to some dispute over whether it should be demolished or not.

1 oddingley

As we neared Tibberton bridge the drizzle suddenly got rather heavy and we decided not to start the locks in pouring rain and stopped on the very convenient moorings.  After a cup of tea the rain had stopped so we got going again and started the descent to Worcester.  The top Offerton lock had a notice attached to the balance beam.

2 duckling etc notice

We have always had great difficulty in doing that.  They go where they want to, or where their parents take them.

We stopped above Blackpole lock for some lunch, then had an uneventful descent down to moor at the Commandery.  We passed the last milestone on the canal;

3 milestone

went under the railway bridge with the hole (which was built like that to save money on unnecessary bricks I think);

5 railway bridge with hole

admired the artwork under the bridges (this is the old Lea & Perrins factory);

6 artwork under bridges

and laughed at the signs at Blockhouse lock.

8 good sign at blockhouse lock

After we moored, Dave took Meg for a walk to the nearby park and I went up to town to buy some socks (I had forgotten to pack any!) and then strolled around passing the lovely Guildhall which was about to close for the day

10 worcester guildhall

and then popped into the cathedral for a look.  Grand and imposing inside with tombs of ancient nobility.  No pictures; I always feel rather inhibited taking photos inside a place of worship (and anyway the light was poor).  But there were flying buttresses outside.

11 flying buttress at cathedral

It’s not the quietest spot to moor at the Commandery, though convenient for shopping.

9 miles, 13 locks, 1 tunnel (Dunhampstead).

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