Friday, 7 July 2017

Still hot

Friday 7th July; Defford Road Wharf to Pershore

In spite of the side hatch standing open all night it was still very warm inside when we got up.  Though there was more cloud around than previous days it was still hot and humid.  We left at about 9.  In the picture, you can just see a lorry on the busy road just up the bank.

1 defford road wharf mooring

The Pershore bridges were easy to negotiate, unlike on our previous trip when there was a bit of fresh in the river and we were going downstream.2 pershore bridges

At the lock we were interested to see (and hear) the hydro-electric power generator in action.

4 power at pershore lock

We made use of the water and Elsan point before finding a nice spot on the park moorings at about 11.  We had only intended to stop for shopping, but we are in no rush, and there was a park bench and shade from a conker tree so we stayed put.  After lunch we went shopping and had a bit of a stroll round but not for long as it was rather hot – apart from Asda where the air-con was excessively cold.   Later I went out again to have a look at the Abbey church but didn’t go in as a service was in progress.

8 pershore abbey

In the park is an interesting sculpture called ‘Leafing through History’, carved from the stump of a tree. The carving starts more than 6 feet above the ground. (The branches behind are of a large cedar some distance away).

6 leafing through history7 leafing through history

My way back to the town led me past this beautiful sinuous wall.

9 sinuous wall leading to abbey gardens

During the afternoon Meg had been unusually listless, and refused her tea – most unusual.  She was a bit better during the evening as the weather cooled a bit but still not wanting to eat, so rather than join Steve and Julie (NB Hakuna Matata) in the pub we thought we’d better stay with her.  It’s possible the weather may just have been too hot for her, even though the boat was not particularly hot inside even when we left her to go shopping.  Even so, we looked up vet details just in case (just by the market across the park).  Our evening entertainment was provided by a class of young paddle-boarders.

10 paddleboarding class

2 miles, 1 lock

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