Friday, 19 July 2013

Welford to Crick

When we left at 9 our cool shady spot was still cool and shady, along with parts of the Welford arm.  Once we left the arm ….

leaving the welford arm

we were out in the sun again, though thankfully there is a cool breeze today.  We moored at Yelvertoft and walked up for a few bits and pieces.  If you look very carefully and squint a bit, you can see one of the 11 wind turbines which are intermittently visible from the canal (or maybe very visible if you are taller or stand on the roof …..)

yelvertoft 1

We had lunch and took on water, then on we went, needing the umbrella again to protect us from the sun.  This bridge (on a bend) looks as though it has had a few close encounters with boat roofs (not ours, I hasten to add!)

donked bridge 1

Passing Crack Hill, not far from Crick – we have walked up it before but chose not to this time …. the grass on the top shows how dry it has been recently.

crack hill 2

We nabbed a good spot at Crick opposite the marina with shade and plenty of space to sit outside.  Yet another trip to the shops! Deb has run out of tea!

We went to eat at the restaurant at the bridge, sitting outside as it is still so hot.  One excellent meal and one fine but very overpriced.

1 lock today and not too many miles.

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