Friday, 26 July 2013

Fenny Compton Marina and home again

Tuesday 23rd July

Dave set off before 8.30 for the mile (at least) trek to the far end of the village for the bus to Leamington on his way to Springwood Haven to fetch the car.It was late, he missed the train…  didn’t get back till 3.

In the meantime, I started the cleaning etc, and wandered up to the marina to find out where we were to moor.  Passing the boat next to us, whose name seemed to be familiar yesterday, I met up with Mick and Elly again – Parisien Star, bloggers of course!  They were waiting for the water point to be free and left soon afterwards, but great to meet you both and a new addition to our blog list.

There was thunder this morning, some rain too, but no respite from the sultry heat.  I cleaned the windows outside on the towpath side but the sun was scorching and it was too hot to wash the boat as well – it’s going to have to be one of the first jobs when we are back at the end of August.  Let’s hope the weather’s not so hot – without a Houdini hatch the boat tends to overheat and the fridge can’t cope!  At least the new fuel filter seems to have solved the engine problems we were having.

Dave returned after a long tedious drive, with the satnav failing at a critical point! and we moved up into the marina, with a nice berth convenient for the car park.  Air-con on, we headed southwest, listening to radio 2 for the traffic news – no problems for us but there was a text read out from a boater stuck on the Soar because the river was in flood! no name unfortunately but we were surprised the river came up so quickly when the levels were so low last week.  It must react quickly like the Avon where we had an exciting time a few years ago.

A beautiful evening as we neared home with a massive moon rising -


With the car headlights and the phone’s flash it looks a bit weedy but it was orange and much bigger than it looks here!

Oh well, back to the drought-stricken garden (except for the bits our lovely neighbours kept watered for us, so cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatoes to look forward to!)  Off again after the bank holiday, all being well, for the trip down to Oxford, the Thames and the K&A!

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