Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fleckney to Foxton

Tuesday 16th July, posted later ….

It was hot by the time we left at 8 and moved up a couple of bridges to walk across the fields to Fleckney village for some shopping.  By the time we got back it was scorching again.  We were soon into Saddington tunnel where the coolness was delightful till we emerged back into the heat.

saddington tunnel east portal

As we came out of the tunnel the engine started stuttering – it ran well for a few days after we left Springwood Haven, supposedly having had diesel bug cured, but started playing up again and has been cutting out several times a day.  We wondered whether to call out RCR but pulled into Debdale Wharf marina instead and Steve was able to have a look at it straight away.  He found that one of the fuel filters, which had both supposedly been changed during the winter service, was almost totally blocked (though the diesel was coming through completely clear, so no diesel bug then!)  He changed the filter and we were on our way within half an hour (I’m writing this on Saturday and everything’s been fine since Tuesday) – fantastic service for a casual drop-in, and they let us get rid of rubbish and recycling too.

We pulled in beyond the bridge for lunch in a shady spot, then cruised on towards Foxton using the big umbrella as a parasol.  As we approached the moorings before the locks, there was a blast on an air horn as what appeared to be a gigantic widebeam came past the moored boats, so we waited in trepidation;  it was just a trip boat, not even very big for all its noise – here it is on its return after we moored.

vagabond at foxton

We were lucky to find a brilliant spot in some shade which deepened as the afternoon wore on.  Dave repainted the port gunwale now at last the towpath is on the correct side.  After spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the shade, we strolled up to the Foxton Locks Inn for a meal.  The other pub, Bridge 61, was offering only beef stew, sausage yorkshires or baked potatoes, none of which appealed on such a hot evening!  so over to the other side where we sat on the shady veranda and enjoyed a good meal.

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