Friday, 19 July 2013

Above Foxton to Welford

Thursday 18th July, posted later…

Our lovely shady spot remained cool until we set off around 9am along a very beautiful and shady section towards Husband’s Bosworth tunnel, which was blissfully cool and only slightly wet.  This is the entrance to the tunnel – just looking at this photo makes me feel cool …….

approaching saddington tunnel in the shade

Once we reached Kibworth Wharf, there were no more shady trees and we were baking hot again.   Once we had turned into the Welford Arm however the trees returned and though we had seen hardly any boats all morning, suddenly there was a queue at Welford lock – in both directions.  However we could pull into the shade while we waited.

waiting in the shade at welford lock

We earmarked a good spot to moor on our way to the winding hole at the end, and returned to moor in deep shade between the marina entrance and the lock.

After lunch we hauled out the lockers from the well deck so Dave could get it cleaned up and painted, while Deb walked up to the village for a few bits and pieces – the shop only had the basics so we will need to visit Yelvertoft tomorrow as well. This cheery chap had been carved from a dead tree stump at the end of the ‘pocket park’ leading from the pub car park to the village road – he is about 6’ tall.  It is hard to see, but he has a cat (with green eyes) carved into his left leg!

welcome to welford

The towpath is diverted round the little marina, and there were shoals of roach and a few rudd basking in the sun.  There were some larger fish as well, lurking under the pontoons, which a marina resident thought could be carp.

! lock today and not many miles.

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