Tuesday, 6 October 2015

We always forget something …….

Well, it’s 6th October and this is the first time we’ve had an internet signal strong enough to use.  We have been on the move for 6 days and are nearly at Autherley Junction on our way to Birmingham.  Let’s go back to the beginning ……. 

Wednesday 30th September

We arrived at Swanley Marina mid-afternoon in glorious sunshine and took our time unpacking as we weren’t planning on leaving till tomorrow.  So I took Meg off for a walk along the towpath, leaving Dave titivating the brasses.  Later on I cleaned the flue and laid the fire ready for use – but not tonight as we went to the pub instead.  Although we have been up the Llangollen three or four times before, we have never stopped  overnight in Wrenbury, so as we’ve got the car tonight we fancied trying out the Cotton Arms as we have heard excellent reports of the food.  Hmmm. Wednesday is Supper Club night (2 courses for £6) and the only table was in the bar.  That was ok, the beer was good and the staff were friendly, but we were very disappointed with the food.  You get what you pay for I suppose.

Thursday 1st October

Well it was a glorious day and we had a lovely time pottering down to Coole Pilate.   I took some nice sunny photos too.  What did we (I) forget?  The cable to download my photos to the laptop!

Dave has all his camera bits, but being a ‘proper’ camera it doesn’t exactly fit in my pocket, so I don’t use it much.  He did take some photos though, including this of the lovely sunset at Coole Pilate.

sunset coole pilate

My blog with no photos would be a bit boring I think, and my camera photos don’t always turn out well, so the rest of this trip’s posts will have to wait till we are home again. We are on our way to Droitwich Spa marina for the winter, going via Birmingham, and expect the trip to take just over 2 weeks.  We’d like to take in some of the less-used canals such as the Wyrley and Essington – we’ll have to see how we go!

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