Saturday, 19 September 2015

Ravensmoor, Swanley marina and home

Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th September

After a mere 10 minutes of sunshine yesterday we were hoping for better weather on Wednesday, but the sun didn’t really show itself till early evening.  There was enough light for a quick picture of the field opposite the Willeymoor moorings;  last week the combining was in full swing.  Last night, the ploughing was just being completed.

1 ploughed field willeymoor

There were quite a few boats on the move this morning, but no hold-ups and we even got waved through again at Wrenbury lift bridge!  So I missed my chance to hold up the traffic.

We made a quick stop to visit the farm shop behind the Dusty Miller for some milk and bacon, but were not overly impressed with the selection of goods available.  I snapped the ‘fender lady’ at the hire base – not the first to have done so this week!

2 wrenbury hire base

We stopped above Baddiley locks for lunch then descended to moor for the night between Baddiley and Swanley locks.  Dave washed and waxed the starboard side of the boat while I struggled with a weak signal trying to get train details for his trip back to Anderton tomorrow. 

7 miles, 6 locks, 2 lift bridges.

On Thursday we woke to a beautiful September morning with the sun rising through the mist behind the trees.

1 early morning ravensmoor

We were away by 8 as the mist cleared, and were soon descending Swanley locks.  The swallows  were twittering away discussing their travel plans.

4 swallows gathering

We moored on the service wharf at Swanley as the office was opening. Dave disappeared to find out where we were to moor, and came back with his full travel details as well.  For once there was hardly any wind as we reversed into our berth!  Dave was soon away to walk to Nantwich station and I set to cleaning the boat.  I started on the roof – at Willeymoor we had avoided the hazel tree but the squirrels chose to breakfast on unripe acorns.   The patter of chewed acorn shells was less noisy than the hazelnuts, but much messier!

6 squirrels breakfast leftovers

Swanley is a lovely well-kept marina, and Meg and I enjoyed exploring it in the sunshine.  Chuffed is the second boat from the left in this photo.

7 moored at swanley

Dave had a rotten journey to Anderton.  His train from Chester to Northwich was cancelled, then the next was delayed.  At least he should get a refund, as he was delayed for well over an hour.  So although Anderton is a mere 20 miles away by road, he didn’t return with the car till nearly 4.30.  It would have been quicker to go by bike! 

2 locks, just over a mile cruising.

All being well, our next trip will be at the end of the month down to Droitwich Spa marina, where we have a berth arranged for the winter.  Then it depends on the weather!

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