Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Prunella Scales and Timothy West in Great Canal Journeys


Did anyone see this programme last night on More 4?  They went from Bath to Devizes in one of the new black Anglo-Welsh fleet.  There is a lovely review of it here (I particularly enjoyed the swipe at Top Gear):


Very poignant because Pru has a form of Alzheimer's.  There are 3 more episodes on other canals.

If Pru (at 81) can do all the lock work up the Caen Hill flight then I’m sure I can!


  1. I watched and was enthralled. It was quite moving at times with the way Timothy talked about Pru with so much love in his heart for her.

  2. I wtatched it too & recorded it I thought it was excellent
    Ann nb rock & roll

    1. Hi Ann
      I see you are the new owners of Rock & Roll - are you going to keep a blog?
      Happy Cruising
      Debby and Dave

  3. Hi Debby and Dave, thought we had your email but cant find it, I think you have ours? We would certainly recommend Packet Boat. Maeve who runs it is excellent, we are booked in again in May/June as we are going away, they have space and its a friendly marina and 4 hours from Paddington, Hope to see you this year x