Thursday, 6 March 2014

The dog had a great time on her first trip!

And so did we, though now I’m looking at the rain beat down on our soggy garden while a pile of muddy washing waits to be done. Even though we arrived last Friday in the rain, we had a couple of brilliant sunny days and only one wet one, which doesn’t really count because we were tied up before it got really bad.

We spent Tuesday doing various jobs.  The marina has good facilities so I washed the muddy dog towels which dried quickly in the stiff breeze.  Provided the back was closed up to keep the wind out we could have the side hatch open and enjoy the sun.  In the evening we drove to the Three Magpies at Sells Green, where Caen Hill moorers get 10% off meals! very nice.

On Wednesday the engineer from Foxhangers came to service the engine, and we packed up to come home.

taking the air

Meg seems to have taken to boat life with enthusiasm, especially the walks.  She loves to watch the world go by from her perch on the locker and the first passing boat she saw had a good laugh at her wide-eyed astonishment as they went by. She has had her first lessons in leaving swans and geese alone though she thinks ducks are another matter – bit of work needed there I think.  She is also learning to stay put until told she can get off the boat, though we are not taking any risks with locks or manouevres like winding or pontoon mooring yet, when she stays shut inside.  We had forgotten the extra cleaning involved when you’ve got a dog on board but we think we’ll put up with that ….


  1. Ah, dogs and muddy towpaths and having a boat... I could tell you a lot about that!

    Deary me.. those things really don't go together do they. Our TV needs wiping every night after the girls have come in and shaken. I was trying to watch the ice hockey the other day except I didn't know where the puck was there seemed to be so many pucks on the ice!

    I use Huggies Bed Mats that you can get from Boots or Tesco. I lay them on the floor where the girls come into the boat and make them wait a mo. It is amazing how much wet they suck off their paws. I guess 15 seconds and their paws are dry.

    1. Thanks for the tip Sue - It sounds as though it would be useful for the crew's feet as well (that would usually be me ...)