Friday, 6 September 2013

Abingdon to Wallingford

Tuesday 3rd September

What a lovely thing to see when you get up!

below abingdon lock 7am

Definitely the best mooring spot in Abingdon (we didn’t mind the weir in the background).  We grabbed a free spot on the moorings in the park to nip up to the shops. 

Why bother with the ‘Channel’ sign at Abingdon bridge?

abingdon bridge do you need the arrow

This vapour trail looks like a thunderbolt heading for the church spire -

abingdon will it hit the tower

Phew just missed!

phew just missed

On our way along the wide stretch below Abingdon we waved to No Problem and Matilda Rose on their way upstream.  We passed the confluence with the Ock – the bridge was placed by the Wilts and Berks Canal company;

river ock meets thames

but it doesn’t look as though that canal will be restored in the near future – there would be rather a lot of demolition to do first! 

junction wilts and berks

We are having some difficulty spotting where to moor where there is nothing provided – we had hoped to stop above Day’s lock but two boats were already there so we went on – we saw what we though would be a good spot a little later, just the right length, but as we crept in I spotted a very active wasps nest right where I would need to get off! so we ended up eating on the move.  On we went past the expensive properties in Burcot and the lovely bridge at Shillingford though we didn’t fancy the moorings.  We didn’t much like Benson either but found a super spot under the trees above Wallingford. 

On our way today we saw a little group of baby Great Crested Grebes;

baby gcgs

passed under Appleford Railway bridge where they seem to be cleaning it by shot-blasting – the noise was appalling.

cleaning appleford railway bridge

Above Benson this man was enjoying the river – the rest of the family were playing in a little bay round the corner.

swimmer near benson

and here is the view from our mooring – very bucolic!

wallingford view 2

We walked up later for a pint and then a curry before realising we now need to take a torch in the evenings – the light from my phone is not quite up to the job.

12 miles 4 locks

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