Monday, 10 June 2013

To Atherstone – and back to Hartshill again

Posted 12th June
Before we set off, we thought we’d better check that there were still short-term moorings available at Fazeley Mill Marina where we had hoped to leave the boat when we go back home.  But no luck – two boats had just come in and taken them.  We couldn’t get an answer from Alvecote so we are having to go back down to Springwood Haven.  But we’ve got no bread, or food for the dog! so it’s off the Atherstone this morning for some shopping.
There must have been nearly a dozen boats coming in the opposite direction this morning, and of course we met them where other boats were moored, at bridges, etc, so we made slow progress.  We had time to admire the attractive old BW yard and buildings at Hartshill:
hartshill BW yard
A while later we passed Swamp Frogs, who were about to return to Springwood Haven for diesel and a pump-out.  Then a boater at a permanent mooring called out to warn us of the sunken cruiser just around the corner blocking half the canal.
sunken cruiser
As a ‘cruiser stern’ there was six feet of it underwater in the middle of the cut, and it rose and fell as we passed.  The stripy ‘BW aware’ tapes made it obvious that it had been reported, but you can see from the brown algae to the right of the door (the algae extended along both sides of the boat) that it has been underwater for some time.  On our return, the boater told us that C&RT now have ‘permission’ to remove it but are 'waiting for the money’ to come through.  Clearly it’s not on their priority list in spite of its close location to the yard at Hartshill and a contractor not far in the other direction.
At Atherstone we moored at the services for water, rubbish and the sanitary station.  In the water was a very large, very dead and extremely smelly pike so we were glad of the light breeze wafting the smell away.  We turned above the top lock and moored not far away to go up to town for supplies.  There was a lovely little bakery with a Gregg’s right next to it – but the bakery’s cakes were better than anything we have ever had from Gregg’s and their bread was good too.
After lunch we returned to Hartshill, passing nb Mona Lisa again – her eyes still followed us…..
mona lisa 1
And then we met Swamp Frogs - at a bridge naturally!
swamp frogs 1
swamp frogs 2
Robbie and Suzie on their way towards Atherstone.  Great to meet you both!
We moored just past Anchor Bridge again, a little further on as it was more crowded this time, and spent the rest of the afternoon doing some household chores and maintenance jobs.

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  1. Twas lovely to meet you both too.....just hope that next time it will be on the we can stop and catch up.....have great fun on your travels and take care of each other xx Swamp Frogs