Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hillmorton to Ansty

Posted 12th June

The canal was beautiful at 5am, with the mist rising as the sun crept above the horizon …… the dog needed to go out!  But we did go back to bed again.

We left shortly after 9, the weather rather cloudy and cool though the sun soon came out.  There are several artworks celebrating the history of rugby (football)  under the bridges in the area but sadly most have been vandalised with graffiti and spray-paint – perhaps rugby is seen as elitist by the local yobs.  It was distressing to see a black player’s face had been obscured with white paint.  This mural however looked brand-new at bridge 66 at Clifton on Dunsmore – it has shadows from the trees across it but you can see the trains quite clearly.

mural at clifton on dunsmore

We had hoped to stop in Brownsover to get a paper but the moorings were completely full, so on we went to Newbold-on-Avon.  Debby tried to take a picture of the blue and green lighting inside the tunnel but unfortunately the camera wasn’t playing.

The may blossom seems much heavier than usual – perhaps it is just the contrast with so little blossom in the cold spring - but if there are enough bees around there should be a good harvest of berries for the birds!  Some of the trees are so covered in flower they look as though they should be in a garden centre.  

hawthorn blossom n oxford

We brushed against a willow as we avoided an obstacle in the water, and released a cloud of fluffy seeds, which enveloped us and found its way into the boat through the open front doors, and all over the dog too.

We moored shortly after Brinklow Marina for an extended lunch break with the Sunday paper.  There was a group of cruisers who seemed to have been having a brunch cruise as they were clearing up their barbecues as we arrived!

We moved on some time after 2, passing under the M6.  Asda may save you money but we know where we’d rather be!

m6 bridge 3

During the afternoon we passed more stag party boats; yesterday it was pirates, today there was a fluffy chick looking a bit warm in the sunshine – no pictures unfortunately!  They all looked to be having well-lubricated fun.  Apparently one of the hire companies has special boats they use for stag parties – Formica throughout for easy cleaning.  Another happy group of cruisers were leaving their moorings as we approached Ansty; they cruised off, cheerily waving and weaving gently home ahead of us.

It seems to be the weather for alcoholic celebration - not to be outdone, we went off to the Rose and Castle in Ansty for a beer in the garden before a lovely meal inside as the evening cooled.  at  ansty from pub garden

nb Chuffed from the top of the slide in the pub garden (sadly not a very slippy slide).


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