Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Springwood Haven and home again

As I write this (on the 12th) I am sitting at home, watching the rain from the window.  What brilliant weather we had for most of this trip!  Now I really must get my smartphone’s tethering/Wi-Fi sorted out so I can keep the blog up to date when we’re aboard!

We were up early again – on weekdays the quarries seem to start work at 6, and although we’re a fair distance from Anchor Bridge, where the quarry is, we can still hear the machinery.  It was trying to rain, so we hastily rolled the cratch cover down before setting off in the drizzle.  We made our way down to Springwood Haven and were moored up by 10.  Dave set off for Nuneaton station along the towpath on the first leg of his journey to collect the car from Stockton Top.  He was at the station in 40 minutes but had to spend an hour at Coventry waiting for a connection.  The return journey by car was much less easy – the marina office’s direction said he needed to take an unmade track, so naturally he followed the satnav’s recommendation when it sent him down one in what seemed to be the right place …… it was a long way to reverse back, and then an equally bumpy ride down the correct one.  The marina is in a lovely situation but it is extremely difficult to find!

Thankfully we had an uneventful journey home, once we had negotiated the track back to the road, and are now looking forward to our next trip when we hope to follow the T&M to its Trent end and come down towards Fenny Compton via Leicester.

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