Monday, 24 April 2017

Cold but a lovely day at Marsworth

Friday 21st April; Seabrook Locks to Marsworth

Time to crack on to Marsworth as we should be meeting daughter Jen and our little grandson for lunch!  We were quite quickly up the remaining Seabrook locks and soon at the first two of the Marsworth flight.  As I walked on to set the second of the two, I saw a mother duck and her new brood in the short pound between the locks.  Now the bank here is high concrete both sides, and ducklings can’t fly; so unless they can escape the pound they will starve as there is nothing for them to eat.  What to do?

Clever duck! as I opened the top gate of the first lock she was in like a shot and had got her family into the lock before Chuffed had even started to move.  There was a boat just approaching behind us, so after Dave had brought Chuffed out of the lock I raised a bottom paddle just a little so the babies didn’t get sucked through and walked back down to tell the owner.  He was happy to empty the lock slowly and let them out as he wasn’t going far today.

We were soon at the Marsworth facilities block to ensure we had enough water and cassette space for two days of visits.  On the opposite bank is a sign we have not seen before!

1 unusual sign at bridge 131 marsworth junction

The Aylesbury Arm leaves the main line here, so I crossed over the top lock and walked up to the reservoirs to check there was space for us, otherwise it would have meant reversing back through the bridge to moor.  But there was plenty of room.  At the lock below the moorings was a bold heron preening himself on the top gates.  Looks a bit like a vulture in the first picture.  He didn’t move until I was within touching (pecking) distance as I crossed the gates to open the paddles on the other side.

2 very bold heron  3 very bold heron

We moored up at 11, just as Jen was parking her car.  Finn is still only 6 weeks old so as soon as they were in the boat he wanted feeding!

  6 bit overexposed but still gorgeous

After such a cold start the sun had come out and after lunch we all went for a walk up to the Wendover Arm and back. 

Finn wasn’t overly impressed with boating though ….

4 dont think much of this boating lark

Give him time.

After they had gone home again we strolled down to the Angler’s Retreat for a beer.  It is very dog-friendly and Meg enjoyed the attention (and the Bonio).


Just 2 and a half miles today, 5 locks and 1 swing bridge, though that was operated by a boater who let us through too.

Total this trip; 58 and a half miles, 42 broad locks, 2 tunnels, 1 large aqueduct, 2 swing bridges

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