Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Another fabulous day ….

marred only by a couple of total idiots.  But more of that later.  It’s more of a family blog today.

Saturday 22nd April; Startops

We stayed put today as Jen is coming back again with Finn, but as it’s the weekend Daddy Will and Auntie Liz are coming too.  As far as grandparents are concerned, it’s fabulous. 

It was very cold first thing but I soon got warm as I cycled up to Pitstone to get a few bits and pieces in the well-stocked shop.  I wouldn’t like to cycle that road on a weekday but at 9am on a Saturday it was fine.

By the time the family arrived at 11 it had warmed up.  After a cup of tea for us and a feed for Finn we had a lovely stroll – sunhats were the order of the day -


then back to Chuffed where 5 of us and a baby just fitted round the table for lunch.

Finn seemed completely uninterested in anything boaty – he is still only 6 weeks old - but he was spellbound by the celling when he was held close enough to see it! It does have a fascinating ventilation grille you know, and a light, as well as a contrast in wood colour ….

that ceiling 

They left mid-afternoon as Liz had to catch a train back to London; fortunately Tring station is not far away. 

I went for a run along the Wendover Arm, and on the way back found a couple of walkers at the top of the locks pulling a large section of wooden fencing out of the cut.  A couple of ‘young lads’ had chucked it in the water, and run off to wreak more havoc.  I was just approaching more walkers when we heard a shout and a mighty splash! as two plant tubs from the cottage at the next lock met the same fate.  ‘Oi!’ we yelled as one and they ran off giggling (though one measured his length as they did so, ha ha).  The walkers started retrieving the tubs and I set off in pursuit (it was the way home so I had to go that way…) Once past by a safe distance I asked them why they had done it – of course they denied it.  And not so young either – 2 flabby slobs in their twenties who must have been drinking at the pub at Bulbourne all afternoon.  Ar*****es.  It’s a good thing we were moored off the main path to the car park, or our bike might have met the same fate as the plant pots.

But it’s still a lovely spot and we had a smashing day.


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