Thursday, 19 May 2016

Dog days

Wednesday 19th May – Calcutt marina

Hello, Meg here.

Well, they took so long faffing about at home I was worried I was never coming on my boat again.  And when we got to the marina it was raining so I only got a short run about in the woods.  Then they sat drinking tea and eating cake and not giving me any.  I got quite grumpy.

2 glum dog

I hope we’re not staying in the marina all the time.  They were muttering about Ashby and Crick, but I’ve never heard of them.  At least it stopped raining in the evening and they decided they wanted a beer, so I got a decent walk in the end, and some peanuts too, even if I did have to sit under the table.

meg in pub

I look quite spooky don’t I?  Must be that silly phone of Mum’s.

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