Sunday, 15 March 2020

Next time maybe …

Friday 13th March; and home.

We wimped out.

The gales had abated, and we could have got out of the marina, but it was still unpleasantly cold and windy, and with the wind in our faces it would have been uncomfortable cruising.  With thoughts of the muddy towpaths and how filthy Meg would get, and having to come back to the marina tomorrow anyway, we decided to go home.

So we had a sit down, made a long list of jobs that would need doing next time, packed up and went home.  We stopped at Gloucester services, which were as busy as if it were the school holidays.  No-one seemed to be trying to keep any kind of distance from anybody else, and I didn’t notice any extra-careful hand-washing either!

So, when will we be able to return?  This morning (Sunday) it was reported that over-70s will be expected to self-isolate for “up to 4 months” to protect themselves and curtail the spread of Covid-19, though later on that was clarified to “not yet”.  Part of me thinks it would be better for us to get it now, while we are fairly fit and healthy, so we have some immunity for next winter when it will doubtless make a return.  Wouldn’t it be great if a vaccine has been developed by the time our flu jabs are due?

Keep well everyone.

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