Sunday, 10 June 2018

Trip 47 stats and those pesky videos

The stats are at the bottom – but first, here are the videos!  The first is the ebb tide ripping round the wall at Sharpness Point.

The second is the aftermath of the Severn Bore – the one we missed at Stonebench.  Soon after the start you can hear me shouting at Meg, who could see her dropped ball swirling around in the current.  The bank was far too steep to even think about retrieving it and we certainly weren't going to let her go after it.  Now and then you can see it bobbing about.

And this is the one we waited and waited for, on the bank at Lower Parting.  The aircraft you can hear was mooching about back and forth over the river, perhaps watching the progress of the bore. 

Now for the stats, according to, which we use for all our planning.

We cruised the Droitwich Junction Canal, Worcester and Birmingham canal, River Severn, Gloucester and Sharpness canal, River Avon and the South Stratford canal.  The Severn south of Tewkesbury, and the G&S, were new waters.

The total distance was 132 miles, 4½ furlongs made up as follows:

16¼ miles of narrow canals; less than ¼ mile broad canal; 30¾ miles commercial waterway; 43 miles, 3 furlongs small rivers; 42 miles, ½ furlong large rivers.

There were 35 narrow, 21 broad and 5 large locks

The (at least) 35 moveable bridges were mostly on the G&S, where we didn’t have to open them, though I had to swing the one over one of the Avon locks, Nafford I think.

One tunnel (Dunhampstead) and the Edstone aqueduct.

 We hope to be out again in a few days.

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  1. Which way are you heading? We are almost at Wootton Wawen.