Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Wednesday 9th May;  Droitwich Spa marina to near Tibberton

What a relief to be back on the cut after a busy few weeks at home!  We had an easy journey up in the car, and were leaving the marina by 3 and breezing up the three Hanbury Locks with the assistance of two volunteers.  Repairs to the bridge are taking place at the junction – the work boats were gathering last time we were here at the start of April.

1 work at hanbury junction

I think the stoppage notice said the wall supporting the towpath was collapsing – presumably the ramp up to the road – and it looks as though it will be a long job.

2 workers

On our last trip we wondered if the two widebeams we saw at the New and Used Boat Co were for sale – they must have been, as a different one is now taking up the wharf mooring (too bad if you wanted diesel).  They must be craning them in and out.  I suppose it’s cost-effective or they wouldn’t do it.

3 fat boat narrow canal

We pottered on past the permanent moorings, Meg assuming her rightful position of captain ship’s dog.

4 lovely dog

Dunhampstead tunnel dripped a bit, though much less than last time when there had been a lot of rain.  In one of the gardens there was a squirrel raiding the peanuts in the bird feeder, with a pair of mallard underneath pecking at the bits it was scattering about.  Messy feeders, squirrels on bird tables.

5 squirrel dropping bits for ducks 5 squirrel dropping bits for ducks

We thought we’d moor at Oddingley or Tibberton for the evening.  A boat was moored at Oddingley and although there was room we went on a bit and stopped a few hundred yards short of Tibberton, just past the winding hole. 

I took Meg for a walk across the fields to the village, along the footpath which started conveniently close to our mooring.  I thought I’d check the opening hours of the post office stores for tomorrow – lucky I did, as it closed down over the winter. We should be in Worcester tomorrow, so it’s not a problem for us.  But the locals I chatted to were very sad to lose it, and I would be too if I lived there.

While we were out Dave refitted the Mikuni, which we had taken home last time for a service.  It had been jolly cold last time when the fire wasn’t burning, and not the sort of weather to have your central heating fail.  Dave cleaned the bits that needed cleaning and replaced the water hoses which were looking a bit ropy.  One of the new ones is running straight and true across the foreground, and an old one, disconnected, is looking rather past it further back.

Mikuni inlet hoses old and newThe afternoon had become rather chilly so thank goodness it worked. A good clean, especially of the flame sensor, was what it needed. 

The chilly evening didn’t deter the cuckoo! We haven’t heard one for a few years.  It was calling for about half an hour but we didn’t catch sight of it.

3 miles, 3 locks.

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