Thursday, 26 October 2017

Summer’s last gasp?

Wednesday 25th October; Droitwich Spa marina to Dunhampstead

After perusing the medium range forecast for the Midlands we decided to grab a few days away while the weather looked reasonable.  We even had sunshine as we unpacked the car and set off up Hanbury locks to join the Worcester and Birmingham towards Worcester.  Someone had just come out of the bottom lock, and by the time I was closing the bottom gates again the volunteer had arrived.  We were up shortly before 4, when he clocks off, so it was good timing!  The paddles for the side ponds are nicely set in sandstone with a firm non-slip surface to stand on.

1 paddles for side ponds

We left the flight munching some flapjack – as was the volunteer, as he waited for his last boat of the day to approach.

2 lovely volunteer

The tea was brewed as we passed the permanent moorings and we enjoyed the last of the sunshine, accompanied by a kingfisher shooting along just ahead of us.  Along the way to Dunhampstead is a little boathouse – the tarp is kind of cruiser-shaped but it doesn’t look as though whatever it is has been out for a while!3 hasnt cruised for a while

It would seem to be owned by the big house in the distance.

4 owned by posh place

The sun had gone as we moored at Dunhampstead and it started to get cold.  Dave fitted the new controller for the heating – on our last trip the Mikuni failed and he found that the batteries had split and damaged the terminals.  Thank goodness that’s all that needed doing and it is working again!

2 miles, 3 locks, Dunhampstead tunnel


  1. Hi Debby, Chris was on our boat and saw you leave, but too late to say hello. We are now both on the boat - loads of jobs to do! We expect to leave on 1st November,so if you are back before then do pop over and say hello. Jennie

    1. Hi Jennie, yes, back Sunday or Monday if all goes to plan. Where are you moored? Debby