Saturday, 23 September 2017

Staying put

Thursday 21st September

We heard last night’s weather forecast and decided not to move today.  We are still enjoying the view this morning.

1 morning view

Dave walked Meg after breakfast and got a bit damp when the rain started before they got back.  Then the heavens opened and we felt sorry for the crews going by on their way to the bottom of the Stourbridge 16.  We were heartily glad we had done all that work yesterday.

We had a fry-up for lunch – well, we thought we needed warming up, and the rain had got even heavier.  By mid-afternoon it was finally petering out and we got ready for a walk.  We went down to see how the river Stour was looking – it flows by beyond the towpath, and at a much lower level.  The water was much fiercer than when Dave and Meg came that way this morning.2 river stour after rain

Then we crossed the canal bridge to follow the footpath through the view from our window.  The canal is very pretty here.

3 canal from footpath

And here is a lovely boat we saw across the canal.

4 such a lovely mooring

You would have thought there was plenty of room for Meg to play ball but she still managed to let it roll into the canal.  It had floated out of reach and there were no handy sticks to use but Dave managed to waft it to the bank with a bit of water-weed.

5 oh meg

We followed the path towards Newton Bridge to rejoin the towpath.  Along the way we saw a little formal garden with a strange shed beside it – the Prestwood Pet Crematorium.  If you can’t bury your deceased pet yourself, and you don’t want the vet to ‘deal with it’, I suppose this is a good alternative.

7 prestwood pet crem

On our way back we saw a couple of kingfishers and returned to the boat for an arty photo-op; reflections, but the water was a bit wobbly.

8 horse reflection

Then the sun came out for half an hour, streaming through the windows, before another shower passed over.  Eventually the rain cleared to leave a dry and cloudless evening.

9 dark sky and evening sunshine

The towpath became busy with dog walkers, runners and a few cyclists.  Tomorrow we will make for Kinver.

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