Monday, 26 September 2016

September sun (and rain)

Sunday September 25th;  Fazeley Mill Marina to Middleton Lakes nature reserve

We had an unremarkable journey north, though with heavy traffic at times it was a bit tedious.  There was a lot of sunshine, broken up with showers, which became increasingly hefty as we neared the midlands.  We made the marina in a dry interval and managed to unload the car before the next shower.  As the sun was shining most of the time there were some pretty good rainbows, including this double one I snapped from the side hatch.

1 rainbows at fazeley mill marina

By 4.30 the rain had gone and we were cautiously reversing between moored boats to leave the marina and start our journey south towards Birmingham.  It was still warm in the sunshine as we passed under the fancy Drayton footbridge, with the Drayton Swivel bridge beside it.  I imagine it is only used when the farmer wants to take a vehicle across from the road to the fields.

2 drayton swivel bridge

But looking at it now, I am not sure how you would close it for use.  There seems to be hard-standing where the bridge would be swung.

We were aiming for a mooring at the Middleton Lakes nature reserve.  We have only been this way once before and my Nicholson’s annotations are a bit thin.  To our delight there was a stretch of piling just past Fisher’s Mill bridge, right in the sunshine.

3 moored at fishers mill bridge

We went straight off for a walk round the lakes before the sun went down.  Unfortunately, some of the footpaths are off limits for dogs, and they have to be on a lead for the rest of them, but Meg seemed happy enough with the extending lead and we enjoyed the sunshine after our long drive this morning.

The river Tame flows through the reserve between the lakes which are formed from old gravel pits.  The river was flowing very fast, and must have been a good source of power for Fisher’s Mill, Fazeley Mill and doubtless many others.  The setting sun caught these rose-hips making them gleam and shine.

4 rosehips in nature reserve

After tea we spent a bit of time planning our stopping points for the next few days.  We are planning to visit Birmingham via Anglesea Basin and Pelsall Common.

Just a mile and a half today in glorious September sunshine.

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