Thursday, 30 June 2016

May your summer sound of ducks

I have just listened to a delightful programme on iPlayer narrated by Jo Bell about her 13 years living aboard nb Tinker and her feelings on moving on to her new boat.  Along the way she talks about the blissful bits of life afloat, the less good bits – fouled prop half-way through Harecastle anyone? – and adventures such as crossing from Bristol to Sharpness.  Although we’ve never spent more than about three weeks on board at a time, I could relate to everything she said and I’m sure liveaboards would get a lot more than I did.  Oh yes, and there is a bit of poetry in there but she doesn’t read her poems the droning dreary way some poets do and I couldn’t always tell whether it was poetry anyway.


Jo was the first Canal Poet Laureate and excerpts from one of her poems are engraved on the gates of lock 9E on the Huddersfield Narrow which we visited last year.

The programme is only on iPlayer for a bit so don’t leave it too long if you want to catch it.  The picture below is from her blog and is captioned  ‘It’s not all like this, you know. But quite a lot of it is.’  I’ve tried to put a link to her blog from the picture and I’m not sure if it’s worked but this link should do it.IMG_2638

“It’s not all like this, you know. But quite a lot of it is.” (Jo Bell)

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