Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Oops ....bit of a technology problem!

Rather a gap since our last blog .... I'm writing this in Castlefield Basin on Wednesday.  After we came down Heartbreak Hill last Friday there was a bit of a disagreement between my laptop and a glass of wine.  My laptop is now sulking - it seems to work except for the keyboard and mouse, which is a bit of a stopper!  We know now, having used Dave's laptop to find out, that we should have turned the laptop upside down straight away to minimise the damage.  But we didn't. We'll have a go at cleaning it when we get home and have more space.

I'm using Dave's laptop to do this one short blog directly in blogger, which is not as convenient as livewriter.  He's got Windows 8 and his whole setup is different from mine so it takes me ages to do anything.  I'm downloading my photos to get them labelled while I remember what they are, but that's all. 

Here's a photo anyway of our Castlefield mooring -

We're just sorting out a marina for a few weeks then we'll be off home and - fingers crossed - I can get my laptop sorted and catch up with the blog.