Friday, 24 October 2014

Living on the London Canals – radio feature


Just heard a feature on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours about living on a boat in London.

There was a guy who’s done it ‘right’ ie he’s paying for a mooring on the Regent's Canal, someone from the Friends of the Regent's Canal who can see the problems, a woman who says she is a Continuous Cruiser and a CRT guy.  The woman who has the CC license said she has to ‘follow the rules’ so she moves every 2 weeks – ‘as far as I think is fair …..I think that’s the best I can do’.  I wonder quite how far that is?

The CRT guy reckons they ‘will enforce when we have to’ which rather sounds as though they are not doing it now ……  He was not asked anything about the current problems for genuine CC-ers and other visitors.

Here is the link to it -

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