Friday, 23 May 2014

Let’s start with Plan B ….

Plan A was to cruise to Theale in the sunshine.  Just one problem…. it’s rather wet.

We arrived at Froud’s Bridge after a wet and tedious drive, just outrunning the rain in time to unload the car before it tipped down again.  We got an internet signal to check the weather forecast but it’s likely to be raining till the end of the afternoon, and given the difficulty of mooring along the K&A we decided to stay put and hope for an early start tomorrow.

A cuckoo was calling from the other side of the river as it flowed past the marina entrance -

cuckoo calling from over there

but stopped as the rain got going.

Later in the afternoon we needed to take Meg for a walk, so we got the wet weathers on, paid for our mooring on the way out, and walked along the towpath as far as Padworth lock.  The rain had stopped now so I risked getting the camera out for a shot of Aldermaston lock with its scalloped edge.

aldermaston lock

We chatted to a guy from a boat waiting the other side of the swing bridge – he wanted info about moorings, and we wanted to know what the flow was like on the river sections.  The traffic-light section in Reading was quite hard work when they came up earlier today, so we hope the levels are not going to be too high to cruise tomorrow after this afternoon’s rain.

After about 7 the sun came out and it was a beautiful evening.  The cuckoo was calling again, and Meg enjoyed belting about on the grassy bit for a while – luckily the rabbits saw her and scarpered before she realised they were there!

meg running

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