Sunday, 6 October 2013

Into Caen Hill marina after another RCR callout

Saturday 5th October

A dry day at last and still very mild.  We pootled gently up the 4 remaining locks as a succession of hot-air balloons drifted up from the Bristol direction.  Ordinary balloons;

balloon 1

a posh one;

posh balloon

a jazzy one;

jazzy balloon

and a patriotic one.

patriotic balloon

We arrived at Foxhanger 24-hour moorings for an early lunch and to await RCR again.  The Morse control had started jamming - the first time while still in forward gear in a lock – but luckily this time RCR were quite quick.  There were two of them – one had broken his wrists in an accident and he had to give his companion, who is nearly at the end of his training, the necessary instructions.  It turned out that the Morse control had lost its ball-bearings and a spring.  They also offered an opinion on the noise we are getting from the prop shaft, suggesting the engine is slightly misaligned – we will have to find out which boatyards west of Devizes people recommend to get this fixed.  Any suggestions?

We have booked into Caen Hill marina for the winter.  The facilities look good (though there is no workshop) and there are restrictions on the work you can carry out in the marina, but we have had good reports from a few boaters.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening – and it’s getting colder.

Sunset over the marina 1

4 locks, 2 swing bridges, 2 miles.

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