Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kingswood Junction

(Posted on 10th May)

The morning was so beautiful that we decided to stay at Kingswood for the day. The birdsong was so loud it (almost) drowned out the noise of the M40. Dave strolled up to the shop for the papers and we enjoyed coffee in the sunshine in the picnic area by the mooring.
coffee and the papers
When the boat in front of us moved off, we hauled the boat a little further up to get the best mooring by the picnic area. Debby did some running repairs on the cratch cover while the sun had softened the material enough to make stitching easier.
mending cratch cover 2
During the afternoon we did some cleaning and chores, including the brasses (Dave’s job). There was a tufted Duck floating around at the junction – all alone, or maybe it had a mate sitting on eggs?
In the early evening we strolled back up the Stratford canal to the Boot at lock 14 for a beer in the garden. The menu looks good, though a bit expensive, and we decided to come in on our next trip this way.
We ate on the boat, having the delicious sausages we bought at Wedge’s yesterday.
A delightful and restful day in the sunshine.

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