Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ashwood Marina to Stourbridge Canal.

Monday 29th April, 2013 

Ashwood Marina to Stourbridge Canal.

Chuffed spent the winter at Droitwich Spa marina, and at the beginning of April we began this year’s travels.  We went down the Droitwich canals to join the Severn at Hawford Junction, and cruised the Staffs and Worcester as far as Wightwick before turning back to leave the boat at Ashwood Marina for a couple of weeks.  It is very convenient unloading your car here, but rather tedious getting the boat out, as there is nowhere to turn for a boat our size.  So, as we were moored almost at the end of the marina, we had to reverse out 400 yards, so slowly slowly did it! It was a tight squeeze to turn and point the right way down the cut; the longest boat that can turn here is 56’, and we are 55’. Luckily it was dry and sunny and not too much wind!  We set off towards Stourton Junction.

The rooms carved into the sandstone at Rocky Lock have been swamped by a landslip.  

We had an easy passage up Stourton locks, all in our favour, and moored at a delightful spot halfway to Wordsley Junction.

Dave was lucky enough to see a kingfisher as he turned at Stourton Junction, and we watched a heron flying across to the river, but apart from a few swallows as we moored there has not been much to see on the wildlife front.  

6 locks today.  

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